Elementary Faith Formation

Please register on our home page.  

*Please note that tuition will be based on any donation amount you are able to make towards it. We do not have a set amount for this year.

For questions regarding Elementary Faith Formation or Children's Liturgy of the Word, contact Maureen Stockwell.


We are offering a remote program for Faith Formation for your child until December.  We will re-evaluate then to see if we can resume in person classes.

Click here for a 2020/2021 calendar.

 *You will home school your child with the updated 20-21 Finding God materials.  Details will be set upon registration.  Periodic feedback is required.  QR codes in the 2021 program add many video activities.  Also, all registered students will have access to Wanderlight!  This is a delightful game with Catholic teachings throughout.  It looks like fun!  Check it out here: Wanderlightgame.com  



This year, weekly "Catholic Kids" will be sent to registered children.  You can continue to use the same resource we have used for a few years.  Monthly "packets" of this resource will be available here: https://catholickidsbulletin.com/ 


If you are interested in reducing your tuition, check out our Scrip program to find out how to earn money towards your tuition!