Spiritual Direction

What is Spiritual Direction?

Spiritual Direction is an ongoing conversation with a Spiritual Director about day to day living and how the Spirit influences us and is active in our lives. Spiritual direction is learning to become aware of God in each moment of each day by giving voice to and exploring the stirrings in your heart and soul and how that is impacting your faith.

Individual Spiritual Direction can help you learn to listen to your soul, discern direction in difficult and ordinary events, move toward greater consistency between your values and actions. It is giving yourself the gift of time to slow down and explore the mysteries that lie within you.

Each confidential monthly time together is 45-60 minutes and is arranged to fit your schedule. Call one of our trained and certified Spiritual Directors today to begin enriching your relationship with God.

Spiritual Directors

  • Rose Robertson                                  517.676.5513
  • Jim Marshall                                 517.694.7331  
  • Carol Demshuk                                      517.881.8461
  •  Bonnie Gurzenda                              517-623-0089


Insights from those who take advantage of Spiritual Direction

”First off, it’s like 1-on-1 time with your good friend. And if we don’t know them well initially, we surely will as time goes. Who doesn’t like to be listened to with undivided attention? Initially you kind of dance around a topic, a concern, an issue, a question. Then something profound happens. Something surfaces, making its way out. Kind of like rocks being pushed up to shore and clarity & insight come into focus.Something surfaces all because we allowed time to help us uncover the rocks in our lives that trip is up. All because we reluctantly set aside some of our precious time, only to find that afterwards we walk out lighter, freer with a new perspective, a higher road.”

"I get so much from the experience. When having anxiety about a situation in my life, I have been taught how to hand God my challenges……that gives my so much freedom with my everyday life.”

“Spiritual Directors are companions on the journey. They help you see God in everyday things, and can open your eyes to what God’s plan might be for you. I find them so necessary!”

“I believe being in a session is a holy threesome –God, my director, and myself. In a session I bring what in my relationship to God feels fresh and new as well as what feels hollow or routine.”

“The discipline of checking in for Spiritual Direction keeps our eyes on our relationship with God and mindful of the wonders God is working in our lives.”